Midcoast Strings is a high-quality, low-volume lacrosse stringing company located in Maine. Our business is based off the growing of the game of lacrosse through stringing lacrosse sticks at an affordable price. The top priority is the customer

Why get your stick strung?

To fully experience the sport of lacrosse, a well strung stick is fully necessary. Without a well strung stick, players are not living up to their full potential as a player of the game. Our staff has seen great transformations in the performance of players using sticks strung by ourselves compared to those using factory strung sticks.

Our Experience

Our stringers have been stringing sticks for over 3 years and have created a portfolio of work that can be viewed in

the Gallery.

This experience with stringing lacrosse sticks has lead to a mastering of the craft, which can be applied to your stick.


We are very active in the lacrosse community through instagram which you can check out at: instagram.com/midcoaststrings

We look forward to serving your lacrosse stringing needs.